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Indefinite Quantity Contracts

The Lusk Group holds multiple competitively solicited contracts for Ohio public agencies through Equalis Group. These already-procured contracts comply with the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Attorney General Opinion Letter 2019-028. Learn more about our Equalis Group contract awards and see the RFP and contract documentation here. Below are our current contracts.

Wish to Start a Project?

Establish an Equalis Group membership. It’s easy and free. Click here to start the 3-5 minute process.

  • Already-procured, competitively solicited contracts enable you to start your contracting jobs right away

  • Contracts are eligible for the utilization of federal funds

  • Legal exemption from the bid/RFP process because Ohio AG Opinion Letter 2019-028 compliant

About Equalis Group:

Equalis Group is a cooperative purchasing organization that provides publicly procured, competitively solicited contracts for a wide array of products and services. Equalis Group Master Agreements are established through rigorous and transparent competitive solicitations conducted in accordance with public procurement guidelines ensuring members stay in compliance.


The Equalis Difference:

Equalis Group works hand-in-hand with its members to develop and deliver industry-leading solutions from highly qualified and experienced suppliers, including The Lusk Group. The Equalis Group contracting process enables awarded suppliers to provide their expertise to Equalis members, help to secure the right solutions, with the added benefit of soft and hard cost savings.


Equalis Group collaborates with its Lead Agencies to deliver compliant, publicly procured cooperative agreements that public sector entities across Ohio and across the country can utilize to: i) quickly acquire the products and services they need; ii) receive better pricing through the collective buying power of Equalis Group Members; and, iii) save time through Equalis Group’s legal and compliant alternative to conducting their own resource-consuming solicitation process.


Equalis Group’s Master Agreements are procured in accordance with the requirements of 2-C.F.R. Part 200, commonly referred to as “Uniform Guidance”. Why is that important? Because public agencies receiving federal dollars can typically spend those dollars through Equalis Group’s already-procured contracts without having to conduct their own bid or RFP.


Save Time. Save Money. Stay Legal.

Current Ohio Equalis Contracts

COG-2118-GC01-C:  General Construction

COG-2118-GC02-C:  General Construction

COG-2118-GC03-A:  General Construction  

COG-2118-GC04-A:  General Construction

COG-2118-GC05-C:  General Construction

COG-2118-MH01-B:  Mechanical HVAC

COG-2118-MH02-B:  Mechanical HVAC  

COG-2118-MH03-B:  Mechanical HVAC

COG-2118-MH04-A:  Mechanical HVAC

COG-2118-MH05-B:  Mechanical HVAC

COG-2118-EC01-A:  Electrical    

COG-2118-EC02-A:  Electrical

COG-2118-EC03-A:  Electrical

COG-2118-EC04-A:  Electrical

COG-2118-EC05-A:  Electrical

COG-2118-PC01-A:  Plumbing

COG-2118-PC02-A:  Plumbing

COG-2118-PC03-A:  Plumbing

COG-2118-PC04-A:  Plumbing

COG-2118-PC05-A:  Plumbing

COG-2118-PA01-A:  Paving

COG-2118-PA02-A:  Paving

COG-2118-PA03-A:  Paving

COG-2118-PA04-A:  Paving

COG-2118-PA05-A:  Paving

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