Indefinite Quantity Contracts

The Lusk Group holds ezIQC Sourcewell Contracts through Gordian in the states of Ohio and Kentucky.  

Below are our current contracts. 

Current Cincinnati Ohio EZIQC JOC Contracts

General Contractor OHGCDAGCOMA-013018-LUS
Electrical OHGCDAEOMA-013018-LUS
Concrete OHGCDACOMA-013018-LUS
Roofing OHGCDAROMA-013018-LUS

Current Kentucky EZIQC JOC Contracts

General Construction - KY-NC-GC05-062420
HVAC Construction - KY-NC-HVAC02-062420
Electrical Construction - KY-NC-E02-062420
Roofing Weatherproofing - KY-NC-RW01-062420
General Construction - KY-W-GC03-062420
HVAC Construction - KY-W-HVAC02-062420
Electrical Construction - KY-W-E02-062420
Roofing Weatherproofing - KY-W-RW01-062420
General Construction - KY-E-GC03-062420
HVAC Construction - KY-E-HVAC02-062420
Electrical Construction - KY-E-E02-062420
Roofing Weatherproofing - KY-E-RW01-062420


Wish to Start a Project?

  1. Establish a Sourcewell membership.  It's easy and free.  Complete the online application HERE

  2. Go to and select The Lusk Group as your contractor.  Enter your contact information and a description of the project and an ezIQC representative will contact you to get your project started. 

We also hold many JOC contracts with The United States Postal Service.  These are admistrated through Gordian.  Below are the current contracts that we hold by state

Current Postal JOC Contracts


Kansas 104267-20-B-009
Missouri 104267-20-B-0014
Kentucky 072382-17-B-0057
West Virginia 104267-17-B-007
Tennessee 104267-17-B-0013
Western PA 072382-17-B-0049
South Ohio 360070-15-B-0046
North Ohio 360070-15-B-0039
North Carolina 072382-16-B-0071
South Carolina 072382-16-B-0071
HVAC Ohio 104267-18-B-0017
HVAC Indiana 104267-18-B-0017
HVAC Missouri 104267-18-B-0017

U.S. Virgin Islands 104267-20-B-0099

East Texas  104267-20-B-0058